Benefits of a Regular 4 Wheel Alignment

Do you know the benefits of a regular 4 wheel alignment? What about the difference between a 2 wheel and 4 wheel alignment? Your car is a valuable asset and it holds pressure cargo everyday – so please read on if you’d like to know the answers to these questions:

When checking around – as we do, to make sure our service prices are the best for the value – we had a local shop owner tell our mystery shopper that a 4 Wheel Alignment is just a sales gimmick and there is no need. We were in shock because this is such misinformation to give. It can lead to excess wear on your vehicle effecting the tires and safety (please read below). In case you have heard this also – I want to share some information so you can make a more knowledgeable decision when it comes to your car servicing needs.

“….A front-wheel alignment only aligns the front wheels. A four-wheel alignment aligns all four wheels. All vehicles can benefit from a four-wheel alignment, but it is especially important on front-wheel drive cars and minivans as well as rear-wheel drive cars that have independent rear suspensions…Two-wheel alignments still appeal to many technicians because aligning two wheels doesn’t take as much time as aligning four wheels, nor does it require very sophisticated alignment equipment. A toe stick and a camber/caster bubble gauge are all that’s needed to do a “quickie” alignment job. But aligning only the front wheels is like asking your dentist to only clean your upper teeth. All four wheels need to be checked because the rear wheels are just as important as the ones up front — even on rear-wheel drive vehicles with nonadjustable rear suspensions.” Read more by clicking on the article link below!

Benefits of Having Your Vehicle Aligned Regularly (Our Service Manager, Matt Walden, recommends it every 6 months.)

• Saves Fuel Mileage Because Car is Running True
• Less Tire Wear for Improved Tire Life
• Improved Safety – Handles Better and Less Likely to Skid
• And Much More

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